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Linking to WoofAdvisor

Thank you for choosing to include a link to WoofAdvisor on your Blog / website.
We recognize that there are many pet lovers who may still be unaware of the benefits of (free) membership of the WoofAdvisor Community, and links from other sites such as yours are central to us spreading the word.
We very much welcome all legitimate links to WoofAdvisor that will help promote all things pet-friendly especially dog-friendly accommodation (https://WoofAdvisor.com/) and to any of its pet travel-related pages. We would ask that you please indicate that the link is to WoofAdvisor.com.
We recommend that you link to the WoofAdvisor homepage (https://WoofAdvisor.com/)
When you see the Share button on a WoofAdvisor page, you may use it to link to that page in your individual social networks. You can use the following text to describe WoofAdvisor:
WoofAdvisor is a platform providing information and resources to help answer questions relating to travel planning and/or travelling with Pets especially pet-friendly or dog-friendly accommodation WoofAdvisor brings together information from fellow travellers / pet lovers, individual business owners, tourism and other government agencies organizations.

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Please don't: You may not frame or manipulate web addresses (URLs) so that WoofAdvisor pages appear on a URL other than www.WoofAdvisor.com. You may not give the impression or create the illusion that WoofAdvisor pages are under another domain name or location.